Scout Picks This Week!

Welcome to our newest round of Scout picks! Last week we asked the Crave Scouts to submit their top choices for items currently listed on the site. Below you can see their picks, which Scouts picked which figures, and we also included a couple of anecdotes on why some of our Scouts chose the figures they chose. Be sure to check out their Crave profile by clicking on their profile picture!

Black Hybrid Optimus Prime (Convoy)
For sale by Zard Amuro
Scout choice by Tim Huynh
Series: Takara
Condition: Packaged – Sealed
Price: $200.00

For sale by Matthew C. Larson
Scout choice by Peter Schifani
Series: G1 1984, Series 1
Condition: Loose – Complete
Price: $50.00

For sale by Peter Van
Scout choice by Peter Schifani
Series: Robots in Disguise
Condition: Loose – Complete
Price: $8.00

Classics Rodimus’ Fansproject Protector Trailer Kit
For sale by William Clifton
Scout choice by Craig Chappell
Series: Fansproject (for Classics figure)
Condition: Packaged – Opened – Complete
Price: $80.00

For sale by David Setterlund
Scout choice by Jesse Gullett
Series: G2
Condition: Loose – Complete
Price: $20.00

09: Omega Supreme
For sale by William Clifton
Scout choice by Jason Carnley
Series: G1 Encore
Condition: Packaged – Opened – Complete
Price: $100.00
Good Price Votes: 12

For sale by Matthew Schnaare
Scout choice by Joshua Wright
Series: BotCon Exclusive 2009
Condition: Loose – Complete
Price: $60.00

For sale by Red Hope
Scout Choice by Joshua Wright
Series: Classics, Universe
Condition: Packaged – Sealed
Price: $40.00

For sale by William Clifton
Scout Choice by Joshua Wright
Series: Classics (G1 Redeco)
Condition: Loose – Complete
Price: $50.00

Why this figure?
Jason Carnley: Jason chose William Clifton’s G1 Encore Omega Supreme not only because he thinks the price is right and trusts fellow seller and Scout, William Clifton, but also because of a childhood connection to the figure. Omega Supreme was a figure he really wanted as a kid. Child Jason made a deal with his mom that if he earned straight A’s he could get his own Omega Supreme. It took Jason 6 months to reach this goal (I was a bad speller as a youngster too Jason!), but by the time he was able to purchase Omega Supreme, he was no where to be found. However, two years ago Jason’s inner child rose from the depths of his soul to take its revenge. He found a complete, vintage G1 Omega Surpreme with a broken turret gun and inoperative motor. Jason was able to repair the broken pieces, and now he has his own omega Supreme!

Peter Schifani: Peter couldn’t limit his choice to 1 so he chose 2 (ok 3, but his third choice is no longer available). Peter selected Matthew C. Larson’s Trailerbreaker and Peter Van’s X-Brawn. Trailbreaker he chose for nostalgia, as it was the first TF he ever owned, and he credits it as the start of the journey that made him the fan/collector he is today. He chose X-Brawn because it was the first TF he saw post Beast Wars that was not an animal, and it got him collecting again.

Jesse Gullett: Jesse chose the G2 Megatron. This was his choice because it was given to him by his aunt when he was a kid. Jesse still remembers how excited he was, and opening that present is his earliest memory of Transformers. He also thinks this is an all around fun figure with great sound effects (as another individual who received this specific toy as a gift when he was a child, I couldn’t agree more!).

Michael Dworkis: Michael also wrote in a product selection: Computron. Although none are for sale at the moment, Computron holds sentimental value for Michael as the first full fledged combiner he owned. He has fond memories of locating many of the TFs needed to complete Computron at the local Woolworths (a store that no longer exists). He collected the individual pieces all the while looking forward to the moment when he could complete Computron. Awww, the days of youth, so much fun was had!




Thanks for the great recommendations guys!

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