Welcome to the March Seller Contest!

Listen up sellers, because we have an AWESOME contest just for you for the remainder of March.

What’s the contest? MAKE SALES! The seller who makes the most sales between now, March 16th, and March 31st will win a $100 gift card for Amazon.com. We will have goodies for 2nd ($50 Amazon gift card) and 3rd place ($20 Amazon gift card) as well.

Think of it as an extra incentive to promote your own Transformers store where selling is free.  Here are some tips to increase your chances of making a sale on Crave.

1) More Listings = More Sales!
The more you list, the more chances you have to make a sale on Crave. Our sales numbers always spike whenever a large cluster of new listings go up on the site. Our fans check the site daily to see what’s new.  In addition, we send email alerts to everyone who has your listing on their want list.

– To see what’s most popular among buyers, check out our Most Wanted page
– To read about how selling works on Crave, click here
– To just get started, click here to go to the catalog

Also, for those of you who have new figures to list that are not yet in the catalog, we expect to be able to start adding new items by the end of this week. We will add the newest stuff on our own like Reveal the Shield and Generations. For specific or more obscure items that you want to list, email support@crave.com with the specs and we will put it up!

2) Promotion!
That’s right, we are not above shameless self-promotion on Crave. Whether we are promoting ourselves or you’re promoting your own listings, we encourage it! There are multiple ways for you to let potential buyers know about your great Transformers listings.

Facebook Share: On all listing pages there is a “Share on Facebook” button at the top of the page. Click this to show your Facebook friends what you have for sale.

Share Everywhere: Use the “Share Everywhere” button to share your listings on other social media outlets like Twitter and Tumblr!

Forums: If you are active on a forum that is another great way to get the word out to the fandom about TFs you have for sale on Crave. We provide you with a forum post URL in the “Your Item Info” window. Use it!

4. Blogs: If you have a blog or know someone who has a blog, get the word out on your collectible Transformers for sale that way!

5. Commenting: Sharing additional background on your Transformers or answer fan questions in the comments section of your listing helps fans make a purchase decision. It also gives visibility to your listing on the home page. This will put more eyes on your listings, and help keep your item fresh.

6. Word of Mouth: Tell your friends, family, co-workers, team mates, expatriates, those Facebook acquaintances that freak you out a little bit, and the homeless guy that lives behind your apartment building about Crave! Spread the word and tell people what you have for sale. Tell your friends who are TF junkies to like and share your listings on their own FB pages! Every bit helps!

7. Relisting: If you have had an item on sale for a while with no bites, cancel it and relist. Consider adding better photos or asking Crave community members for feedback. Relisting with the best presentation possible will put it to the top of the homepage and refresh it in buyers’ minds. I know for a fact that there are some awesome figures tucked in the back of our listings just waiting for a buyer to stumble upon them.

3) Competitive Pricing!
Competitively priced items sell quickly. If you have a hot item with a fair price tag one of our TF hunters will make the purchase. I am not saying you need to undervalue your listings at cheap prices, but do a little research. See what other sellers are listing the same item for on Crave and other online marketplaces and base you’re pricing on that.

Just like you and me, most collectors are looking for the best overall deal, taking into consideration rarity/availability, condition, completeness and price.  Most fans check out multiple listings on different sites before making a purchase. When our community sees a good find, they will help promote these listings by voting “Good Price.”


The 3 sellers who make the most sales for the remainder of March (March 16th to March 31st) will win:

First place – $100 gift card to Amazon
Second place – $50 gift card to Amazon
Third place – $20 gift card to Amazon

Get to selling folks!
As always, feel free to send us any questions or feedback you may have, and thanks for being a part of the Crave Community!

Crave Community Manager

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